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Growing up Brooklyn




In which neighborhood in Brooklyn did you grow up? Do you yearn for the good old days? This series of neighborhood books is the closest you’ll get to reliving the past—or, if you’re not from Brooklyn, experiencing the fun, the excitement and the tragedies, right from the memories of the kids and the parents who lived there during the fascinating middle of the twentieth century. These books walk you through the various neighborhoods in classic 1950s through 1980s Brooklyn, detailing the iconic things of our time. From the doctors who delivered us to the schools from which we graduated, from the playgrounds and parks in which we played to the street games we made up by ourselves, from all the great toys we had that have since been replaced by sharper technology, our first bikes to our first cars—we remember it all. Take a trip down memory lane with these coffee table books, written in an enjoyable, accessible, social media style. Revisit all the best places we ate; remember all the silly slang and the nonsensical stuff we used to say. As with every passing generation, we cling to the things that defined our youth. However, we who grew up in the fifties through the eighties experienced some of the most timeless pop culture in history, and this extraordinary series will allow you to share that with your children using a language they understand: social media.
This wonderful series of coffee table books contrasts bonding over modern social media with longing for the past. If aliens came down to Earth sometime in the future and found these books, they would act as a time capsule—a treasure trove of memories of mid-twentieth century pop culture, and a demonstration of twenty-first century netspeak and social media usage to boot. Use these books to share your memories with friends who grew up elsewhere, and as you pore over the pages, find all the similarities and differences in the toys you owned versus the mom and pop businesses that you frequented. Designed as coffee table books, they can be picked up and put down at your leisure; they do not need to be read cover to cover. If you own these books and display them in your living room, your friends will want to visit you more often!

Brooklyn Those were the Days

A little Brooklyn video to plug my new book The Park Slopian.

Thanks for all the love Brooklynites ..over 9000 views on youtube

I’ve been fooling around with several add the most iconic things that we grew up with in Brooklyn. a where we hung, what we did, where we ate, what we wore, what we watched . mixed it up to include different aspects of our childhood… song is Those Were The Days…. visit the site for over 4000 pictures of all of Brooklyn it’s called The Park Slopian Because that’s where i grew up….here’s a little of the excerpt… This book is as close as you’ll get to growing up in Brooklyn, Back in the day! So Close it will have you Reeling in the Years, and you won’t want to put it down, Containing over 350 pages of iconic imagery, it will make you remember what you forgot! 17 chapters 90 sub-chapters of Brooklyn memories, as well as this web site with over 4000 pictures of iconic Brooklyn and Iconic things of the times, That we all grew up with!… more at the site

Commercial for The Park Slopian.

The Book will go on sale at the end of  October check back for link. in the meantime check out the commercial

A little commercial for The Park Slopian. The video in this  was taken in 1962 at the Prospect Park band shell, it is me, mom,dad, sisters and brother

(Needs to be watched in full screen) .

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The Parkslopian Verbal Press release

This is a voice over /Press release so you know what the books about and how and why it came to be..this code can be added at checkout for single purchase discounts.   9SSUVA5P

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The Parkslopian is now available

The Parkslopian

over 400 pages of iconic imagery

Did you grow up in Park Slope, Brooklyn? Do you yearn for the old days, and wish you could have a more permanent scrapbook of the toys and games and mom and pop stores from your childhood? The genesis for The Parkslopian came out of a desire to broaden the scope of the memoir genre to allow the reader to place him or herself into the story, or to use it as a tool to share his or her childhood with loved ones. The memoir genre is criticized for being narcissistic—who cares about the memories of one non-famous person? Therefore, the series of Brooklyn neighborhood coffee table books that includes The Parkslopian was developed in order to crowdsource and compile recollections of times long past using modern social media. Rather than limiting the story of Brooklyn in the 1950s through the 1980s to one person’s flawed memory, The Parkslopian is a compilation of stories about the treasured and iconic things that shaped the childhoods (and parenthoods) of those who lived in Brooklyn during the most fascinating era of the twentieth century.

The Parkslopian is now available at the link below… Createspace is an Amazon owned printing company, they do excellent work and shipping is fast .  please leave feedback here and reviews at createspace, and share this link with all your Parkslopian friends .., ( The Parkslopain will be on Amazon in a week).  if you intend to order 2 or more books email me on facebook for a discount code, this code can be added at checkout for single purchase discounts.   9SSUVA5P

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